The Limassol Wharf


Seamlessly blending an exclusive sophisticated culture with a contemporary design, The Limassol Wharf is the new luxury destination, soon to become the talk of the town.
Situated in the heart of Limassol, a cosmopolitan city, alongside a beautiful sea view and a prestigious coastal location, The Limassol Wharf is undoubtedly considered the ultimate choice for living by the Mediterranean Sea. Its innovative features mesh an exclusive culture with contemporary details to create a gorgeous haven in the heart of a cosmopolitan city.
The Limassol Wharf distinguishes itself as the one-stop luxury destination for people living and working in Limassol.


Melkor Holdings Ltd has been innovating in the field of property development and project implementation globally. With a predominant focus on innovation, urban landscape redevelopment and design that benefits not only clients but society at large, Melkor Holdings Ltd, builds extraordinary projects that benefit thriving communities. We are deeply proud and honored to present The Limassol Wharf.
“Our vision is to be the partner of choice for those who believe that transforming urban spaces into extraordinary and harmonious environments makes communities better.”
Melkor Holdings


Nasebia is the real estate developer of the high-end commercial and residential project, The Limassol Wharf.
Committed to the purpose of upgrading people’s way of working and living, the Nasebia team of experts delivers buildings with a strong culture and sustainable perspective.
“Standing tall on the coastline of Limassol, The Limassol Wharf project will become a city standard. Each detail of the Business Center and the sky towers is a statement to the dedication and commitment to the grandeur of our project.”